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Sun Feb 13, 2005

Steve Jobs in Fortune


Be sure to get the latest issue of Fortune (February 21, 2005). It has a picture of Steve Jobs on the cover, and a long article talking about how awesome Apple is.

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Thu Feb 03, 2005

iPod shuffle pretty nifty

Apple Computer, Inc. just gave me a free iPod shuffle. That's a great deal, since you can't seem to buy it anywhere for any amount of money. Yes, 'shuffle' is in lower case. Already having a regular 20 GB iPod, I wasn't planning on getting a shuffle. I just got it yesterday, and I'm finding it pretty nifty.

I find it more convenient to use. The iPod isn't large or heavy, but it's about cell phone size and weight. I use my iPod all the time in my car, but I don't carry it with me too much unless I'm wearing a jacket that has a pocket I can keep it in, and I anticipate I'll be doing something that will allow me to listen long enough to be worth the effort.

With my shuffle, it hangs around my neck, so I don't need a pocket to put it in. The controls are much more accessible. I don't have to dig my iPod out of my pocket, orient it, and press the right button. The shuffle's button is right in the middle of my chest, so it starts to feel that it's part of my body.

Since the shuffle is not in my pocket but around my neck, it is much closer to my ears. So, I need a lot less headphone cord to get to my ears, which cuts a lot down on tangling. When I take my iPod out, I often spend 30 to 60 seconds untangling the cord first. With the shuffle I can keep most of the cord wrapped up with twist ties, keeping things much less tangled.

Most of the playlists I had on my iPod were random based. I would have random 5 star playlists, random 4 star playlists, random Jazz playlists. With the shuffle, I just have one big random playlist. I had recently spent some time figuring out my favorite 200 songs of all time, so that made a good playlist to use. I still have space to find 40 more favorites.

So I'll probably keep my regular iPod in my car, and use the shuffle whenever I'm walking out and about. oot and aboot.

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