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Sun May 30, 2004

JAV International Road Trip 2004 stops in Seattle

Sunday, May 30, 2004 was the first full day in Seattle, Washington.


I went on a Seattle Tour bus and saw the whole city. Some of the highlights were the Space Needle, The Market, and the Monorail.

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JAV International Road Trip 2004 stops in Portland

Friday, May 28, 2004 was the first full day in Portland, Oregon. Look at the purty waterfall they have.


Portland was very nice, although very wet. I saw a nice waterfall and saw downtown and had a great time with my old friend Jennifer. I'll have to visit again.

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Wed May 19, 2004

San Francisco screwed me again

I was going to see a movie at the Castro Theater in San Francisco with some friends. I was driving along 18th Street and I saw a "P" sign showing parking. So I turn into it. It's a little strip with parking meters.


All the meters were taken up. There was this guy who looked kinda like a parking attendant. I asked him how much parking was. He said $5. I asked where I could park. He pointed me to this red zone. I pointed out that this was a red zone. He said that was OK.

I ask if he has change for $20. He hands me this big ball of $1 bills. I ask what this is. He says it's about $10. I make a note to him that I need $5. He said he remembers me and he'll give me the $5 when I come back. I note that someone else just parked and he should have change. He says he turns it into some box all the time.

So it's becoming obvious to me that I'm being screwed. To my horror, I watch myself just let it happen. I should have just taken my money and told him to screw off. This is just some guy. Not a parking attendant. Just some guy. But I get screwed anyways.

I was worried the whole time I was in the theater watching Godzilla that my car would be towed. Fortunately I only got a parking ticket.


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Thu May 13, 2004

The Sad Egg Story


The Fake Story

The eggs were all on the egg shelf of my refrigerator. They were throwing a big party. It was late and I kept on having to go to the fridge and tell them all to keep it down. At one point, I heard a splat. It sounded like my brain was on drugs. And then everything got quiet. I looked in the fridge to see what they were up to, and this is what I saw.

The Real Story

DigitalFoto magazine held a contest each month. They would provide 3 abstract things that should be in a photo. The best photo wins something. So for this month, the 3 items were eggs, leaves, and hats. So a boiled some eggs, found some leaves, and made some hats.

I spent several hours working on it. I had to take a good photo with the right light, sharpness, etc. Then I had to PhotoShop the picture to take out all the tape I used to attach the eggs to the leaves.

I was ready to submit, and I went to the web site to submit my photo. Unfortunately the magazine had just folded the week before.

If that weren't bad enough, the hard drive that contained the original PhotoShop files died. Luckily I have a large JPEG lying around.

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Wed May 12, 2004

JAV International Road Trip 2004 tour dates announced

JAV has announced the dates on his upcoming JAV International Road Trip 2004 tour.


May 27 - CA to Portland (travel day)
May 28 - Portland
May 29 - Portland to Seattle (travel day)
May 30 - Seattle
May 31 - Seattle to Vancouver (travel day)
June 1 - Vancouver
June 2 - Vancouver to Trail (travel day)
June 3 - Trail
June 4 - Trail
June 5 - Trail to somewhere (travel day)
June 6 - somewhere to CA (travel day)

JAV will make a special appearance in Trail, BC at the Cominco Arena to present the John A. Vink Computer Science scholarship award at the J. L. Crowe Secondary graduation ceremonies.

If you're located on a tour stop and want to see me, drop me a message. Tickets available at all TicketMeister locations.

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Tue May 11, 2004

New INXS DVD Coming Soon


I'm Only Looking - The Best Of is slated for worldwide release in June.

Containing 25 of the best INXS videos and a wide range of rare live and documentary material, the set will delight INXS fans everywhere who have been feverishly requesting such a collection for a very long time.

With new band interviews and song intros filmed recently for inclusion in the set, the DVD highlights the band's innovation in the realms of music video. Remastered in 5.1 surround sound and cleaned up from original video masters, these INXS clips - both old and new - have never looked or sounded better!

More info, as always, is available on

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Sun May 09, 2004

All INXS albums now on iTunes

As you all know, INXS is the best rock group that ever was. Now all the albums from the best rock group is available on the best online music store.

The iTunes Music Store now features all the albums starting with the debut INXS in 1980 to the Best Of in 2002. This is great and you should buy them all.

INXS on iTunes:INXS

Download iTunes

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Sat May 08, 2004

Ads by Google

My friend Scott Knaster was bragging about how he was making 92 cents per day just by using Google's AdSense service. I wanted to get in on some of that sweet action. So now, you might notice some nifty ads on the right of this page. Click them all and make me a rich man!

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Sun May 02, 2004

I'm a basket head

I got a new groovy haircut. Look at this:

I got the idea from this show on Comedy Central called Straight Plan for the Gay Man. This is what they did to some guy:

I'm certain that this new haircut will get me all the chicks. Oh yeah. As long as I start also acting like an asshole. Chicks dig assholes with basketballs shaved in their head.

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