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Tue Mar 23, 2004

Winchester construction update

Crazy Buffet isn't turning out to look like the high class buffet I originally thought it could be. I thought it was this place. But the sign is up, and it looks about as high class as a place called Crazy Buffet would:

They've started cutting up the road to make the median. Here's a picture of a sign telling me almost nothing about it, except that they plan to finish in five months:

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Sat Mar 13, 2004

My picture of the Icon Garden

I just bought a new scanner that can scan 35mm film. So I grabbed the first negatives I could find to try it out. It happened to be from 1996 when Apple still had its Icon Garden on the Infinite Loop campus. Here's the first picture I scanned.

I took this picture in April 1996. I was at Apple for my job interview. My interviews started at 10 am, but I was really excited, so I arrived at about 9:15. So I walked around the loop and took pictures. Thinking about it now, it seems odd I would bring a camera on a job interview. Maybe I came back the next day and took pictures. But I was there real early and walked around the loop.

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iPods attack Toronto subway

This article shows St. George subway station totally covered in iPod ads. I used to live right next to this subway station when I lived in Toronto, and it's one of the busiest stations on the line since it's where the east/west line meets the north/south line. It's also right next to the University of Toronto.

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Sat Mar 06, 2004

Winchester Boulevard under construction

My street is under a lot of construction.

First, next door they are constructing a new apartment complex.

This was an big old farmhouse a few years back. They knocked it down and the property sat empty until a month or so ago.

Now across the street it looks like they're going to knock down some old houses and put something up. They fenced up the old houses in preparation for knocking over.

We had a Marie Callender's across the street, but it closed down a few months ago. Now it looks like it's going to be a Crazy Buffet. The name sounds low class, but apparently it's a high class sushi chain.

Finally, they're going to be building a big ol' median down Winchester Boulevard over the next couple months. That should class up the area a bit. Things have been looking good ever since Starbucks moved in.

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Canadian Chocolate Bars

There are some chocolate bars in Canada that I didn't realize how much I liked until I couldn't get them here. When you live in Canada, you're totally oblivious that these things are unique to Canada. Two in particular that I like are Aero and Coffee Crisp, which are made by Nestle. Nestle is a Swiss company that does business everywhere, even in the US. It's odd how the Canadian branch makes their own products just for Canada. I once saw the 7-11 next door with some Aero, but it was gone when that one box was gone.


Whenever family or friends come to visit, I try to get them to bring me some.

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Wed Mar 03, 2004

Gas is a lotta money

My motor vehicle displayed an illuminated picture of a gas pump to me, indicating that it needed more fuel. I went to a Texaco near work and started pumping. After a couple of gallons, I noticed this huge fee it was charging me. $2.03 per gallon for the cheap 87 stuff. What an outrage! I'll show them! I'll only get half a tank, and then resume fueling somewhere where the management hasn't gone crazy.

Apparently I've been oblivious until now of a gas price spike. Driving around I've noticed prices up to $2.09 per gallon. Has Iraq started falling into the ocean or something? I thought all the problems were cleared up over there.

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