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Sat Nov 29, 2003

I've got scroll buttons like the day is long

As a frequent visitor to , I've heard the song that Strongbad sings about his scroll buttons many times, and I have it stuck in my head. I wanted to find out where the phrase "Like The Day Is Long" originated from, because I know I've heard it before, but never really thought about what it means. I assume it just means "a lot".

But I've been singing the song around my colleague who's Japanese, and is confused by most expressions I use. I tried to explain what it meant, but don't think I succeeded. I did a Google search for "like the day is long", but wouldn't you know it, all the results where about someone having scroll buttons like the day is long.

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Thu Nov 13, 2003

Clipboard Sharing is awesome

Clipboard Sharing is awesome. It's a cool app that uses Rendezvous to share your clipboard with other machines on your local network. So I can copy a crash backtrace from one machine, fetch it easily from another machine, and paste it into an email or bug report on another machine.

When I first heard about Clipboard Sharing, I was pissed. I had a very similar idea, and I was going to go to MacHack to implement it. It would have been so cool and so sweet that I surely would have gotten the respect of my peers and perhaps a mouse trap. But alas, it was not to be. I wrote a screen saver that floats your Dock icons instead.

I think there's only one machine I have that doesn't have Clipboard Sharing installed on it (not bad since I "have" about 7 machines), and I only run iTunes on the last holdout. The latest version is 2.0.1 which works great with Panther.

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