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Fri Oct 10, 2003

This new G5 is freaking awesome!

My new Power Mac G5 just arrived today! It's awesome! It's so fast. It boots to the Finder in 10 seconds! It's quieter than my Power Mac G4/450. The setup experience was awesome. It played a nice little Welcome movie and had a groovy soundtrack while I configured my network. I played Unreal Tournament 2003 and it was awesome - better than the single G5 processor at work. This is the world's most powerful personal computer.

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Mon Oct 06, 2003

Simply Red was pretty good

I saw Simply Red perform at the Saratoga Mountain Winery last night. It was a pretty good show.

The show started late since the opening act had cancelled. Everywhere I turned there was a sign letting me know this. I wonder why they thought it was so important I knew.

I was concerned when I didn't recognize the first 5 or so Simply Red songs. They played stuff from their new CD, but I'm not sure if they knew that their new CD hasn't come out yet here in the US. They made a comment at the start of the show suggesting that this was the first show of their tour. I find the Saratoga Mountain Winery an odd place to start a tour.

But my fears came to an end. 2 of my favorite songs ever (not merely my 2 favorite Simply Red songs) are Something Got Me Started and Money's Too Tight To Mention, which the played both. Another Simply Red favorite is Fairground, which they played. They saved their newest hit, Sunrise, until the very end of their second "encore".

Overall a pretty good show. But pricey.

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Wed Oct 01, 2003

Woo hoo! New Power Mac G5!

I just ordered a new PowerMac G5! Dual 2 GHz! 500 GB hard drive! Superdrive! And I also ordered a flat panel display to go with it! Woo hoo! It's going to be awesome!

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